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Product Update: Notifications, Browser Notifications & Minor Fixes — Web App 1.52 & Chrome Extension 1.33

While we are still largely focusing on numerous large and fairly complex back-end matters related to our back-end (APIs, server and database related), we have been able to dedicate some time to introduce an exciting new feature and various smaller improvements.

New feature – notifications:

We have now released the first iteration of our enhanced notification feature! (Please see screenshot explanations towards the end of this article).

Shortly put, beyond the existing folder invitation notification, we will now be able to issue product updates and other notifications to you. And, you can now enable browser notifications for Weava. So no more missing out on shared folder invitations sent to you.

Some of you may be thinking “Yay… Notifications…” but to Weava this is a pretty big deal for several reasons. While there is still room for improvement of the feature itself, this will really enable us to easier share product updates and other relevant information with you going forward. We realize that we do not always do a good job of providing you with updates and showing the progress of our work. So, hopefully, this will enable those of you who want to stay better tuned to our product update releases, special offerings and more. And don’t worry, we will certainly not spam you with notifications, and will only share occasional offers and product updates.

And as mentioned, we have not only introduced an in-app notification feature but also created browser API notifications – so that you can see Weava notifications wherever you are on the web. And of course, we have given you the option to enable/disable such browser notifications, which you can change in your account settings. So, if you do not want to receive browser notifications, simply disable the feature. However, we know that many of you have been keen to see this feature built so that you can easier notice and access folder invitations from your friends and colleagues, so we’re excited to have it ready for you!

Weava Browser Notifications Settings Prompt
The first time you start Weava after the update, you will be prompted to allow browser notifications. If you change your mind, you can later enable/disable this in your account settings.
Weava Browser Notification Pop-Up
The Weava browser notifications will look like this in your browser with brief details about what the notification is about (such as folder invitation notification with info of who has invited you and to what folder, and brief headlines of any new product updates).
Account Details Menu Option
To enable/disable Weava browser notifications, navigate to your “Account Details” on the Weava dashboard.
Account Details Notification Settings
On the “Account Details” page, you may enable/disable browser notifications by toggling the option on/off.
Weava App Dashboard Notifications
The in-app notifications can be accessed on the Weava dashboard. By clicking the notifications you will be taken to the specific destination. For example, by clicking a folder invitation (marked by the folder icon) you will be taken to the folder invite. And for Weava updates (marked by the “W” icon), you will be taken to the respective blog post (like this one) that gives more information and details about the product update.

A quick note regarding the future of Weava notifications: As many software offer, we aspire for you to be able to receive notifications of related actions that occur on your account, such as certain actions or comments on shared folders etc. While we do not have such ready yet, we hope to have this and more released in the future. And, as a final side note, if you can think of any other suggestion for how we can improve our notification feature, please do not hesitate to submit a feature request on our feature request portal.

Other improvements:

  • Introduced various referral feature improvements. We simply want to make it easier and more rewarding to share Weava with your friends. You can read more about referral here, and we will share more about this next week.
  • Enhanced font and style in various places on the web application.
  • Removed the ‘Skip this step’ feature in the Weava signup process that enabled users to create a temporary account to test Weava. Now, users will need to sign up to use Weava.
  • Minor tweaks to our onboarding emails.
  • Minor improvements introduced to the User Registration Questionnaire that users see when they first register with Weava.
  • Minor tweaks to our Chrome extension sidebar promotion image for free subscription user – which will now show instantly instead of after 5 days.
  • While not a technical update, we have created an offer for charities around the world. If you know of a worthy charity that you think could benefit from Weava, why not tell them about it? Read more about Weava for Nonprofits here.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where when a user would edit highlight colors on the web application, there would appear an invisible layer (even after closing the pop-up) which would block parts of the clickable elements on the folder sidebar.
  • Fixed an issue with the highlighter color pop-up not closing properly for some users.

Product Update: Basic Language Support & Minor Fixes — Web App 1.51.8 & Chrome Extension 1.32.21

We are still largely working on our bigger back-end projects related to upgrading our Chrome extension (WCE) code, breaking more of our “monolithic” code structure into microservices and preparing for a database shift from Firebase (which is costing us a lot of money at the moment). However, we have found some time to attend to some smaller improvements that we deployed to our users.


  • We have added Chrome store descriptions of Weava in several new languages, including Arabic, German, French, Korean, Chinese, Russian and Portuguese. Before, we only had Spanish and English. However, please note that these translations are only currently for the Chrome store listing itself, and not translations for the software. However, in the future, we aspire to be able to offer more languages on our software as well.

Bug fixes

  • We have changed our Google Firebase emailer to use our root domain (weavatools.com) instead of verify.weavatools.com which will help avoid certain bugs that some users were experiencing when trying to reset passwords.
  • During this period, we also rolled out a new version of our web app with new internal API keys for enhanced security purposes.

Product Update: User Storage, Design Improvements and Bug Fixes — Web App 1.51.7 & Chrome Extension 1.32.20

While we are still working on numerous large and fairly complex back-end matters related to APIs, our servers and more in order to ensure we have the best foundation to build new features upon, we have once again squeezed in some time to fix some bugs and introduce some front- and back-end enhancements to our users:

New features:

Overall we have made numerous updates and improvements to the storage limit functionality which was soft-launched in our previous update. 

  • Implemented function for limiting PDF uploads for free users, and fixed a bug where uploading PDF through drag and drop did not update storage.
  • Storage now updating after uploading PDF (initially this was only set to update on a daily basis).
  • Other improvements made to the computation and rendering of the storage limit.


  • Implemented new design for “Upgrade to Premium” in Chrome extension sidebar.
  • Updated Facebook authentications and revised Facebook permissions.
  • Created a refresh feature for the card details to render properly on the account details pop-up.
  • Implemented new design for “You have discovered a Premium feature” pop-up.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that arose from the previous update where users could no longer add a new folder on the Weava dashboard.
  • Updated “back” buttons on “Invoices” and on “Update Payment Details” pages to go to the new account details page.
  • Fixed issue where “Upgrade to Premium” due to almost full storage was overriding account details settings dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug where a new user who signed up via email encountered a “loading forever” on the account details pop-up.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking “Open In Weava Dashboard” button on the invitation email took users to our website, instead of the dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug where if the user clicked on the notification icon (bell icon), the “Invitation to Collaborate” pop up would load continuously.
  • Fixed a bug where folder items were not properly displayed when the window size was not maximized.

Product Update: Referral and Coupon Code Fixes — Web App 1.50.6-1.50.7

We are currently working on numerous large API-related and other backend projects, as we outlined in weava.upvoty.com/b/feature-requests/brief-note-from-weava-team-on-current-progress-focus and therefore there will be some time until we implement our next front-end design and feature improvements.

In this process, as we were breaking up some of our monolithic code into proper microservice structures, some users may have encountered that some of our general pages on our website (www.weavatools.com) were down. That is now taken care of because our website is now properly split from the rest of our code and now is a proper stand-alone website. It is not nearly in a pristine condition that we aspire for it to be – but at least now it functions properly and can be properly maintained by our marketing team. This will, among others, also ensure that we are publishing a lot more articles and information on the website in the time ahead.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bugs with our referral code – which gave users Weava Premium for free for up to 76 years (we sure hope they still use Weava in 2096!). While we’re always keen to help as many as possible and give some of our advocates a special referral code that they can share with their followers etc., 76 years was a bit excessive from the 1-6 month referral codes that we intend to share.
  • Fixed various other smaller bugs.

Product Update: Coupon Code Hotfix & Web App Improvements — Web App 1.50.3-1.50.5


  • Allowing special URI characters in local PDFs. For many, it has been a pain point to have their PDFs break because of special URI characters & we have understood their frustration. We have therefore now implemented the fix for this. Use as many ampersands (&) and other signs you want!
  • Edit source functionality. Another pain point that many of our users have experienced is the inability to properly update the local PDF file path or update the URL of an online PDF — not anymore (see request: https://weava.upvoty.com/b/fea…). You can learn more about it here: https://weavatools.atlassian.n…
  • Launching 200K user promotion email. We want to do our part in supporting digital learning in these challenging COVID-19 times and have therefore decided to offer Weava for 1 USD per month.

Bug fixes

  • Due to the reported difficulty among users to find and insert the coupon code for Weava Premium at 1 USD per month as an annual package, we deployed some hotfixes to give our users an easier and more intuitive experience. Now, the coupon code field is visible by default.
  • We also fixed some various other smaller design issues.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the coupon code to not work when using Google translate. ¿Qué?
  • Fixed a bug that caused the user, if inserting the coupon code and then quickly clicking “proceed” to not have the new price discount price reflected in their actual payment. Instead, users are now unable to proceed until the coupon code validation has been fully processed.
  • Fixed a bug related to moving local PDF folder.
  • Fixed various design bugs.
  • Fixed unsubscribe email link not working 100%.
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