Product Update: Coupon Code Hotfix & Web App Improvements — Web App 1.50.3-1.50.5


  • Allowing special URI characters in local PDFs. For many, it has been a pain point to have their PDFs break because of special URI characters & we have understood their frustration. We have therefore now implemented the fix for this. Use as many ampersands (&) and other signs you want!
  • Edit source functionality. Another pain point that many of our users have experienced is the inability to properly update the local PDF file path or update the URL of an online PDF — not anymore (see request: https://weava.upvoty.com/b/fea…). You can learn more about it here: https://weavatools.atlassian.n…
  • Launching 200K user promotion email. We want to do our part in supporting digital learning in these challenging COVID-19 times and have therefore decided to offer Weava for 1 USD per month.

Bug fixes

  • Due to the reported difficulty among users to find and insert the coupon code for Weava Premium at 1 USD per month as an annual package, we deployed some hotfixes to give our users an easier and more intuitive experience. Now, the coupon code field is visible by default.
  • We also fixed some various other smaller design issues.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the coupon code to not work when using Google translate. ¿Qué?
  • Fixed a bug that caused the user, if inserting the coupon code and then quickly clicking “proceed” to not have the new price discount price reflected in their actual payment. Instead, users are now unable to proceed until the coupon code validation has been fully processed.
  • Fixed a bug related to moving local PDF folder.
  • Fixed various design bugs.
  • Fixed unsubscribe email link not working 100%.
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