Weava Product Updates

Product Update: Bug Fixes & “Invisible Improvements” — Web App 1.50.1

We’ve undertaken a lot of back-end improvements, addressing legacy code, fixing inefficiencies and a lot more, including also migrating our web application to Angular 8.


  • User subscription coupon implementation. Created the ability for user subscription coupons to be used upon payment of Weava premium. Just click “Do you have a coupon code?” on the payment page and insert the coupon code.
  • Introducing user storage computation. Internal use first, soon to be public.
  • Email unsubscribe feature & omit unnecessary emails. Users have the proper option to opt-out from emails via unsubscribe link. Premium users will no longer receive “upgrade” emails.
  • Deleting a collaborative folder now gives a warning. “You are about to delete a shared folder. Are you sure?”
  • Created a FAQ knowledge base & new connected service desk.
  • Release number is now visible in the Weava dashboard menu.
  • Users now receive a warning before cancelling a premium subscription.
  • Created a feature request portal (this one here at https://weava.upvoty.com).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the payment page to render incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug causing local PDFs to be moved to a different folder to not show highlights anymore.
  • Improved navigation across various Weava dashboard pages.
  • Fixed a bug that enabled non-premium users to customize colors.
  • Fixed design bugs on the payment page.
  • Fixed cyan highlight color from the Chrome extension turning purple in the Weava web app dashboard.
  • Fixes to 3rd party authentication.
  • Fixed iFrame issue on the Weava dashboard not rendering websites properly.
  • The extension toolbar (i.e., on the Weava sidebar) now is arranged the same order as the toolbar on the Weava dashboard.
  • Decline a folder invitation now has a proper decline button as opposed to ellipses.
  • Fixed a “forever loading” issue and introduced buttons to help clear cache and properly re-load the Chrome extension if loading issue were to occur.
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