Product Update: Referral and Coupon Code Fixes — Web App 1.50.6-1.50.7

We are currently working on numerous large API-related and other backend projects, as we outlined in weava.upvoty.com/b/feature-requests/brief-note-from-weava-team-on-current-progress-focus and therefore there will be some time until we implement our next front-end design and feature improvements.

In this process, as we were breaking up some of our monolithic code into proper microservice structures, some users may have encountered that some of our general pages on our website (www.weavatools.com) were down. That is now taken care of because our website is now properly split from the rest of our code and now is a proper stand-alone website. It is not nearly in a pristine condition that we aspire for it to be – but at least now it functions properly and can be properly maintained by our marketing team. This will, among others, also ensure that we are publishing a lot more articles and information on the website in the time ahead.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bugs with our referral code – which gave users Weava Premium for free for up to 76 years (we sure hope they still use Weava in 2096!). While we’re always keen to help as many as possible and give some of our advocates a special referral code that they can share with their followers etc., 76 years was a bit excessive from the 1-6 month referral codes that we intend to share.
  • Fixed various other smaller bugs.
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